Thinking Isn't The Problem. Stories Trigging Emotions Are The Patterns To Detect!

"Success Leaves Clues" - Jim Rohn

  • Patterns: Identify automatic emotional responses to situations to diffuse them so they no longer have a charge when remembered.

  • Habits: The little things matter when you want to shift from where you are to where you want to be. Create the new habits that get the desired results!

  • Clarity: Get crystal clear on what you want, because that makes it easier to focus on your goals.

Yesterday is history....

"I help clients let go of the past. When the body remembers what the head has forgotten,

feelings tied to old memories trigger reactions based on yesterdays situations.

- Calynda Triffo

Is the past being dragged into the present?

  • REPEATING OLD PATTERNS: Does it feel like the same challenge different day? Ready for something new?
  • FEELING STRESS RATHER THAN FREEDOM: It's easy to fall into the rabbit hole of negativity when stress has become a habit. Perspective can turn that around!
  • LACKING ENERGY: Heavy emotions can feel draining. Releasing them can get the pep back into your step!

Ready for new perspective that can help you trade stress for feeling lighter?

Calynda Triffo's Certifications

2009 - Certified Foot Reflexology Therapist

2010 - Advanced Reflexology with Dwight Byers

2012 - Certified Emotional Code Practitioner

2013 - Certified Ear Reflexology Therapist

2013 - Reflexology & Meridian Therapy with Lillian Tibshraeny-Morten

2013 - Certified Hand Reflexology Therapist

2013 - Practical Examiner Foot, Hand & Ear

2014 - Human Anatomy & Physiology Certificate

2014 - Certified Foot Reflexology Teacher

2015 - Reflexology for Chronic Foot Pain with Karen Ball

2015 - Certified CCF Life & Executive Coach

2015 - Dien Chan Facial Reflexology with Patryck Aguilar-Cassarà

2016 - Certified Hand Reflexology Teacher

2016 - Round About Stress Workshop Dorthe Krogsgaard & Peter Lund Frandsen

2015 - Developed Emotional Reflexology

2018 - Ryan Levesque Ask Method

2017/18 Heartmending Mentor Talk Show Host

2018 - Certified Ear Reflexolology Teacher

2018 - Reflexology Hidden Messengers with Karen Ball

2018 - Licensed Canadian Reflexology Teacher Trainer with the Reflexology Association of Canada (Hand, Foot & Ear)

2019 - Launched Emotional Reflexology Course for Certification

2020 - Knowing Your Family, Knowing Yourself with David Fernandez

2009 - 2021 - First Aid

2022 - Unleash the Power Within Tony Robbins

About The Session:

  • 1-on-1 Session:

These 15-minute FAST TRACK sessions are focused on your specific biggest challenge.

  • Questionnaire Required:

When booking your session, there is a form to complete to ensure I'm clear on what your biggest challenge is and your desired result. Please complete this to ensure we can get as much as possible accomplished on the call.

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